Non indivual animations ( New animation types )

Hopefully this request doesn’t seem to tedious. But was wondering if it would be possible to create a brand new animation type, that allowed you to sort full sprite sheet images by rows, or colums. Instead of having to add each individual frame 1by 1.

Example: having a 500x500 image divided into 5 rows, by 100 frames each, to show a single animation of 25frames.

There’s a decompose sprite sheet button in the corner (I haven’t used it yet) Also if you put them all in a folder you can click the top image and then hold shift and click the bottom one. You’ll have all the images selected. Then use shift again to add all of em to the animation. It’s way quicker then one by one :wink:

Well… thats not really the problem. Yes being able to add animations through sprites is already possible, but considering larger projects ( example a pokemon game like x & y ). Your looking at over 600+ separate types of animations ( not counting the individual files ). So as such a simpler way would be to have them organized via sprite sheets :slight_smile:.

Sadly I already asked, and this feature doesn’t seem to be here. So as a future request :slight_smile: I think it would be a lot more friendly for artists / devolpers to have a easier way to edit / orginzed large sprite files and animations.

Another example of why this might be useful.
Lets say you were testing a sprite in your game. Your character had a full combination of jump attack , slash, and dash animations for all 8 directions. Each animation consisted of 10 separate files. that is a total combination of 240 separate animations files. If you wanted to add that animation, doing it by hand via editor for 240 separate images could be quite tedious ( and that’s just for one character ). While there could be work arounds for this by adding the files in bulk, it still doesn’t meant it couldn’t be easier by using 1 full sprite sheet. Now lets say there was a bug. where you had to change the character hair color. Having a sprite sheet would allow you to change the color easy. Even if you did change it via spritesheet and decompose it via editor. To re-add all those files individually could be quite tedious. And even if you simply overwrite the sprites with the new edited ones, the process of decomposing a spritesheet every time you need to make a simple change can easily become a hassle.

After all that is said, there might really good reasons why this feature may not already exist. Such as (Collision boxes). However, if it is at all possible, I do still think it would be neat to have a way to use spritesheets for simple animations that don’t require collisions :slight_smile: such as background effects, or tileset animations. + The organization that could come from it, would be very beneficial for people with larger projects XD

The problem is how to implement this feature in the software in a clear manner. I mean : GDevelop currently uses the image bank to provide pictures to objects (not only the sprite object), so it’s not very user friendly to provide another option only for Sprites objects.

Sounds like a good idea. I don’t know who’d plan on using 600 sprites though. That’s one heck of a game. Anyways you might could cut them out with a sheet cutter software and make them into gifs? Might help keep things orderly until this feature is looked into.

lol true, but I guess this request was aimed towards people who intended to make larger projects. For a standard mobile game or web game, I doubht many would find this request useful :stuck_out_tongue:.

I am unsure what you mean by (user friendly), but if you are referring to making it simple and easy to use/understand;
Would it be too hard to add this as a separate object type? Where as the object type would work similar to a sprite, but move the image through a predefined area?. Example below

And the settings could include how many times it will cycle through, and if multiple rows exist, a setting to off set the Y value a certain number of times for the image after each cycle. ( Example: move the image through the predefined area 6times, Then offset by (Y value) x 5times after each cycle, then repeat.

Or if that becomes too complicated. Would it be possible to have the large animation file in the image bank as normal, but when applying the animation to a sprite type object, you have a separate animation type such as ( Automatic rotation, 8 directional, Cycle Loop). Where as cycle loop has its own separate settings such as. Row 1, Row2, Row3, etc. And using the same example above, have every row with its own settings. ( maybe X/Y size + Ani Number + Frame rate.). Then cycle through the image by its x and y value, until you reach your Ani number, then swap to the next row. And repeat after the last row was used.

but then again, im still unaware of how easy/difficult this would be, and what truly defines user friendliness :stuck_out_tongue:

One could integrate it into the “edit the sprite object” window like in this mockup:

The context menu gets a new entry “set as tileset” which converts the picture into a new “tileset” tree node.

To edit the new tileset the already existing editor from the TileMap extension could be used.

After the tiles are defined they appear as children of the tileset picture and can be dragged into the animation frame section.

This seems like it could be a brilliant idea, I will have to look more into this. :slight_smile: