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Hi everybody! I wanted to know how to make a little bar at the bottom or top of the game screen. Is it just done with layers? I know what I am asking is hard to understand. Like, on the scene that you play your game has a box stretching across the bottom or top of the screen displaying your health, points, HP, and more! Without it moving. Lets’s say I make the camera follow the blue player, but no matter where the player goes, the camera follows it and the box doesn’t move an inch.

If I understand correctly add your hud, which is things like health bar, to another layer above base layer.

Yes. The camera only moves layers that you specify in the camara action. (Base layer at default) All other layers are fixed.

oohh. I think I get it now! Thanks

So this is what my scene looks like:

This is my camera event: If i don’t want the star button to move, is my camera events correct as long as I have the star button on the bar layer?

Just start a preview.
Yes, it looks good👍

It doesn’t work. It just doesn’t show the star button.

Make sure your star button is within the rectangle that defines the screen in the editor (you know the one that appears when you first create the scene?). Everything within that rectangle will be displayed on screen. As it stands, your star is at -5406, -15. If top left of the scene is at 0,0, then your star will be to the left and way off screen (and never appear on screen because that layer camera doesn’t move).


I don’t know what rectangle you are talking about.

When you create a new scene, and open it, there is a thin, rectangular box around the scene. If you scroll the scene or zoom out in the editor, you’ll see it.

You’ll have one in your own scene that’s positioned at 0,0. Slide your scene in the editor as indicated in the image below (drag that blue button to the centre of the editor scene):


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Oh! It works! Thankyou!