None of the examples are working correctly? [Solved: Disable adblock]

On the Examples and Starters page ( all projects I have tried have some sort of glaring issues when trying to load/run in the browser. These are still great for checking out events and behaviors for the projects, and I am still learning from them, but it would be more impressive if they functioned as expected. I have a feeling it’s just an issue with the browsers based GDevelop and not the games themselves. I am sure this is already a known issue, but as a brand new GDevelop user, I figured I’d mention it and share my thoughts. <3

What is the error you get exactly? What is not working? Nobody ever reported something like that before.

So I was using Chrome and no sprites were visible. I tried is Safari and they were fine, so I tried Chrome Incognito and they were working there as well. Turns out my adblocker extension in Chrome was hiding/removing the sprites! :smiley:

Then it’s only on the webapp, a fix was done some days ago, i think it’s related.