NOOB: Basic "target" Game, How would you Build?

My basic game, how would you build it?

I am trying to make a basic “Target” game to play on a tablet.

You touch the static circle in the middle of the screen and you get a point.

the more you touch the circle the more the points go up.

The Circle should briefly change color to indicate that touch was registered, then reset.

Points should be displayed on the screen at all times. When you hit 10 points you move to the next scene.

Everything resets at the new scene, scene score and time should be stored to be displayed on end screen.

I want to develop this game further so it should be built with the growth of scenes and features in mind.

Here is what I have so far.

With that basic game in mind how would you build this?

My Experience: I have some Object-oriented programming and software dev education from college 10 years ago, have not used it since, and I have a few days of experience Gdevelop.

I have gotten a few things working but not sure that I developed for future growth of the game

for score and points use the modify text action and for checking if the target got hit then you would use cursor or touch on object condition and mouse or touch left being pressed condition and trigger once condition and for color change I would use tint action

You want to organise your events in to external events, behaviours, functions whichever you are more comfortable with and works best for you.
In case you want to dynamically load content you may also want to organise some part of your scenes in to external layouts so then you can load a layout in to scenes.

You can find more information about each feature on the wiki:


Extenal events

Event based behaviours

External layouts

You want to use scene variables to store number of hits in the current scene and scene timer and then it is going to automatically reset to default whenever you change scene.

For the end screen to display total, you want to use global variable, every time before you change the scene, add the value of the scene variable and scene timer to a global variable and then use the global at the end to display total.

You can find more information on variables on the wiki:

And the timers:

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Wow thank you for the write up! I will dig into it further when I have time. Thanks again. I will update with progress.

Thank you! I have been trying to display the timer and hit count variables but have not been able to. Looks like I need to do toString?

i think you need to use conversion from number to string(inside modify text), but if you test you should be able to figure out

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