Noob Question - How to close the preview.

Hi! This may sound as a stupid question, but I’m just started to try GameDevelop, and I don´t know how I can close the preview of a scene, as I only can see a “switch” to pause it! Whatever button I press, I get the “Please close the preview before continuing” message :astonished:

Click on “Edition” button :slight_smile:

Thank you, how silly of me!

maybe the start button could turn into a stop button while the game is running. That way you use only one button and it is clearer to the users :slight_smile:

Yeah, got me too when I started to use GD.

Or, alternatively, how about making mediaplayer-like controls? There would be play (start preview), stop (would work like Edition button, just different icon) and pause button (when you are debugging).

Since anyone used some mediaplayer at some point, icons would be recognizable to them, of course rearranged to look like media player controls. It is done that way in Unity and Godot and I instantly got those when I started to use both engines.