[Not a bug] Splash Screen and Subscription issues

When you start working on a new project and download it without touching the settings for the splash screen it will not show up in the downloaded game. You are also able to download your project as many times as you want without a subscription.57%20PM

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Excuse me but what you say is not clear for me!
If you are speaking about splah screen, it will be showed every time you load your game, even if you uncheck the option “Display GDevelopp…” (inoperant without subscription)
The only case not showing the splash screen is to have a subscription to GDevelop: then you will effectively can uncheck this option for not to have the GDevelop splash screen.

Without a subscription account, when I start a new project, the box is ticked and I cannot untick it.
Can you give more details? Which OS, which GDevelop beta, and exact steps to reproduce the issue. :slight_smile:

The checkbox value is stored in the project file, my guess is that someone with a subscription worked on an example and unchecked it by accident

Damned! Arthur has too given details for not to have splash screen! :yum:

It’s not a bug, it’s an feature, (i love said that!).
In fact it’s really an feature, it’s because we let the user decide if he want or not the splashscreen in her game.
It’s better to link this option in the project because as you can see it’s works in everywhere where you open the project. It’s not depending of the current user but from how have created the project first.
The choice is rightfully hers.

Hello. Sorry that my message was not clear. I was writing it quickly. I am starting a complete blank project and it is showing the box unchecked. When I check the box and then try to uncheck it again it says that I must get a subscription. I am using the newest beta on MacOS.

All this is normal as already said before! You must subscribe to be able not to have the splash screen in your executable game.
What is really the problem? I don’t understand.

I don’t have a subscription and I am able to do all the things that you are able to do with one. I am just a little confused because I was unable to do this before.

I also have one more question. Should I be able to download my game as many times as I want? I thought that there was supposed to be a limit on the amount you can download in a day.

There is a limit on online exports. The two problems are probably linked though. :thinking:
Can you tick and untick the box without getting the subscription warning?

If you start from one of the examples or starters, is the box already unticked, or are you able to untick the box as well?

Hello. Should I take a video of what is happening?

It would be well, indeed!