(NOT SOLVED) How do I open the full version of Gdevelop in Termux?

I use a samsung chromebook 3 and I am trying to get the FULL version of Gdevelop. I installed the linux version of Gdevelop, and I dragged it to be one of my termux files. I am trying to run a command in termux that opens the full version of gdevelop. But it keeps saying: “NO SUCH FILE OR DIRECTORY” Is there a command I can run in termux to open the full version of Gdevelop?

I don’t know your pc but I think you have to force execute authorization. Right click on app icon, propriety, permission, flag on execute

Reinstall GDevelop using command line with sudo su as root.

So, then after I reinstall GDevelop, It will be the full version?

And, also my device is not rooted. I don’t know how to root my device

I not mean rooting device(that is maybe considered as piracy), just install GDevelop as root in your Linux.

Uninstall GDevelop open Terminal Type
sudo su
Type your password.

And do this line by line

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:florian-rival/gdevelop
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gdevelop

How do I do that? Sorry, I’m a bit new with technology and Gdevelop

Ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

I doubt you can use GDevelop with termux at all. Termux doesn’t emulate a computer, but only is a terminal emulator that has prebuilt binaries in the path. That means that those binaries has to be compiled targeting your machine processor to work. Most android machines use an ARM chip, and sadly GDevelop doesn’t provide builds for this architecture.

Ahh. Yes. Forgot about that. Well, thanks anyway!