[NOT SOLVED]Platform behaviour in gdevelop code

I want to start a platform game but I have no experience with jumping and gravity.

The problem with behaviors is that sooner or later they have some limitation as your game progresses. Of course it depends on your expectations.

Is there an example of a platform game in gdevelop code or a tutorial? no behaviour please.

There is a great JavaScript example, if that is what you are looking for.

Until now, all instances of someone saying they were limited by a behavior was either implemented after they mentioned it (for example jump suspension) or due to a misunderstanding of the behavior. If you don’t know how you want to make your platformer logic, you really should be using the behavior instead.

If you do not care about my advice, which is fair, the source code of the platformer behavior (and of all of GDevelop) is publicly accessible on GitHub.


I should have explained from the beginning that I have had a negative experience with the behaviors.

I have a bit of experience, in fact you can see the game that I have made by myself in Gdevelop here:

It may be a simple game but I was very clear about how I wanted the gameplay to be. What was my disappointment that having the project a little advanced I had to change and start the control system again because the topdown behavior did not allow me to add a assistance in the turns of the mazes. I can guarantee you that I tried it in every way but in the end the best thing was to make my own control system and have the freedom to modify it as I wanted. I am very demanding with the result of the gameplay and I have done it just as I wanted.

I think I have the right to distrust behaviors, it is possible that I would not have problems with platform behavior but it seems stupid to me to make the same mistake a second time considering that it should not be very complicated to create with gdevelop actions my own platform behavior.

No offense but I don’t understand why you recommend me to use java or another language when it is perfectly possible to do this with gdevelop actions

Because you were asking about code, not about events.

To avoid this derailing, I’m adding clarification for some points:

A: GDevelop actions are not code (code has a very specific meaning). Since you started this thread asking for code to reproduce the platform behavior, you were given recommendations about coding because of that.
B: You were recommended to review Javascript. Java is not Javascript. They’re very different languages.

I’m very glad you found a solution that works for you, but nothing in the video on the page you linked wouldn’t be possible using the default top-down behavior using instant turning.

That said, the built-in behaviors aren’t built using GDevelop events. They are built via code in the source of the engine, as Arthuro mentioned.

If you’d like to build your own movement logic you’ll need to research the forces conditions and actions, collision conditions, and potentially raycasting conditions depending on if you’re wanting to do ledge grabbing or not. As these things already exist in the behavior, people have not gone about recreating it before, and you will likely be building your methods from scratch beyond the suggestions I listed.

if you haven’t even played the game XD

examples of that behaviour with assisted turn? data of these? because my game started a year and a half ago. I remember a thread very later I have fixed my problem.

Maybe that assisted turn is not what I am looking for…

If you are saying your trailer isn’t representative of the actual game, then there isn’t much we further we can discuss, as people aren’t going to purchase a game just to test amd compare for you.

Regardless, the above statements around your opening post and the behaviors remain accurate, including about the gameplay shown in the trailer on the page you posted.

If you do try to create your movement system without the behaviors, I wish you the best of luck.

The only thing I know is that in this forum I try to ask for help with logic and the only thing that is done is belittling and defending the defects of gdevelop.

Behaviors have limitations because they are shielded and cannot be modified unless you go into open source

It’s okay, there is no perfect program. Gdevelop is still an excellent program with which I plan to make my second game

There is no belittling in this thread.

You asked how the behaviors were coded in the engine

People mentioned JavaScript because you were asking about code.

You posted a link to a game with a trailer that you said couldn’t be done with the top down behavior.

After reviewing the trailer, nothing within it isn’t possible by the behavior, I gave you more details around how the behaviors are built, as well as info that you likely could accomplish what was in the trailer via the native behaviors.

Nothing above is defending the engine other than giving you details. If the default behaviors do not work for you, that is fine. I still wish you the best of luck and success in whatever you attempt to build. Instead of reviewing the information given about your question, you responded with snark that implied the trailer was somehow didn’t indicate what was in the game.

You have shown a repeated trend in your threads of not accepting the answers given and then derail your own threads with snark, misdirects, and unrelated posts, sometimes getting close to insults.

Consider this a direct and public warning. At this point many of your threads are not productive for the forum or community. Please consider actually reading the answers given to you in the future rather than getting combative about them, or you’ll be removed from the forum in general.