Noticed about forbidden characters in events' variable names' fields

Hi, just a few very little remarks about the forbidden characters for the variables names, and the warning message or impossibility-underlining displayed by the event editor.

In events « for every child », there are differences compared to a basic event:

  • ‘#’ and ‘@’ (and probably all forbidden characters in variable names) are not considered as forbidden characters (the user is authorised to write them)
  • space doesn’t lead to the field becoming red and underlined, although the red warning message appears

In general:

  • Space doesn’t work in event variable fields, but is said as ‘not recommended’ in the red warning message. This might be something to fix, since it is not ‘not recommended’ but actually ‘impossible’, just like ‘#’ for instance, isn’t it?

These things are of course not bothering me. I just let developers know in case these small details have any importance. :))

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