Npjms gdevelop plug-in


I think there is something wrong with the plug-in “gdevelop-cordova-admob-plus” on npjms.

The plug-in won’t install and gives various errors. More info I’ve written on this forum :

Hi @4ian ,

The plug-in “gdevelop-cordova-admob-plus” doesn’t work on a IOS build. See the forum link for more information.

What is the difference between gdevelop-cordova-admob-plus and admob-plus-cordova?

You cant build a project in ios with “gdevelop-cordova-admob-plus”, it uses the “cordova-admob-plus” plugin, but this plugin is deprecated. The new version is “admob-plus-cordova”. Why does “gdevelop-cordova-admob-plus” use “cordova-admob-plus”??? And is it possible to change this?

And what is diffrent about the gdevelop plugin?

@4ian @Gruk @arthuro555

Can you send me the logs from the failed build?

It means attaching a file containing EVERYTHING that is displayed in the console when you run the cordova commands.

Here is the log of the failed build.

Error code :
UserError: Failed to restore plugin “gdevelop-cordova-admob-plus”. You might need to try adding it again. Error: Error: pod: Command failed with exit code 1
First i used to build on terminal mac, but there i got the same errors.