Object disappears but is visible on debugger

I have an image of a button which I’m using as part of a notification/message box in my game, but at some point it randomly disappears. I can still click on it which is a condition for it to go to the next page so the code works so its there, and on the debugger its not hidden, the layer isn’t hidden, I even set code to set the Z order to like 100000 and its still not there.

Any idea what I can do to check what’s happening?

How are you setting the position of the button?
Is there some tween involved?
If you can share some screenshot it would be nice for Us to help you better.

This is how it should look,

After a while it looks like this

This is the debug for the button sprite:

Along with the debug page for the text that shows ‘Continue’ so you can match the positions and layer:

This is all the relevant code, or all the code that should be relevant;