Object ignored by mouse /touch

So, imagine an egg :egg:, it explodes when you click it :fire::hospital:
Now imagine that the egg is inside a transparent box (a transparent sprite is on top of it), when you try to click the egg, you’re clicking the transparent box instead so you can’t make the egg explode anymore :cry:

What if it was possible to click an object despite being under another object on the z order by giving the superior object an “ignored by mouse /touch” behavior

Here’s some potential benefits from such a behavior:

  • objects used as vfx :rainbow: or decorations :deciduous_tree: won’t interfere with the game
  • interactive hidden objects :egg:

Right now, you can click on an object that is below another object, hidden by it, just like you can add a condition “layer of the object is visible” or compare collision/z-order to avoid triggering the click.
Both ways are possible.
If you want to create a custom behavior to make this, you can do it yourself, no need to request a feature :slight_smile:

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