Object is off center

I am totally new to GD. I tried creating a splash screen following the example but,
when using SceneWindowWidth()/2 and SceneWindowHeight()/2 my object loads off center and usually in the lower right-hand corner, but if I use absolute values for x and y it loads find.

what could be causing the problem with SceneWindowWidth() and SceneWindowHeight()?

Hello, if you object is a sprite, then you have to change the “Origin” point of the animation. If not, the object will be positionned from his top-left corner : so screen center + top left corner, it’s normal that your object is in bottom right corner.

If you dont want to change the animation points, you can use this in formulas :

Replace SceneWindowWidth() by SceneWindowWidth() - (MyObject.Width()/2)
Replace SceneWindowHeight() by SceneWindowHeight() - (MyObject.Height()/2)

This should work :slight_smile:

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:grinning: thanks a million. changing the “origin” fixed my problem. :pray:

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