object properties window - show selected object's name!

Currently when you select an object, it’s name is not shown anywhere in the properties. When you hover over the object with the mouse, the name is not shown.

The name of the selected object doesnt seem to be shown anywhere in the scene view.

It would make a lot of sense if you show the name of the selected object above all the properties - so you know whose properties you are editing.

Also showing the name is important when you have two objects with the same or similar sprites.

It’s currently shown in the properties grid of the selected instance (it’s written in grey).

ah, you are right. It is very hard to notice it there.

I think that it should be moved to the top of the stack, above “instance properties” and the font should have more contrast to it’s background.

The contrast problem is due to your theme.

Perhaps it would be better if it’d be in panel’s title bar: “Properties (OBJECT NAME)”, eg. “Properties (PlayerObj)”? That would help greatly.

I think that gdevelop doesnt support dark themes very well. :smiley:

Here is a relevant thread: