Object UI not refreshing correctly

Hey, it’s me reporting tiny bugs !

When you use the Instance Panel shortcut, then close it with the cross, the Object panel doesn’t refresh correctly. It shows a big blank space, but the scrollbar still goes on top, like it usually does.

Repro steps :

  1. Create a project
  2. Add 30 different objects (enough to require a high scrollbar on the panel)
  3. Scroll down a bit on the Objects panel
  4. Verify that you have the Layer panel opened
  5. Open the Instance Panel with the shortcut (default: i)
  6. Close the panel with the cross on the top right
  7. Note that the Objects panel now shows a big blank space

Using the button on the top bar instead of the shortcut doesn’t make this effect.

Infokubarcade, I’m trying to reproduce here, but it don’t shows the blank space for me. Perhaps other users will be able to reproduce…
I’m using Gdevelop v5.1.160 and Linux Mint XFCE.

See if I’m doing it right:

Hey thanks for giving it a try, you don’t have the Layers panel opened.

Im on GDevelop v5.1.159 Windows 10.

It’s openned. Look to the top of the Objects panel :eyes:

But now I’ve tried just like you did with the panels. I downloaded the v5.1.159 and I can reproduce the bug:

But I can’t reproduce in the v5.1.160:

Can you try with the newest version?

I guess i didn’t open my eyes ? :eyes:

How do you download the 160 ?

I have the patchnote for it, but i can’t get it. Even on the website, it automatically downloads the 159.

I can only access to the webapp which is with the 160, and there is no bug here.

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I downloaded through the github page: Releases · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub