Object Variable Health

Everything was working fine before i added Health variable (Number 3rd event and condition)
I want to assign health 2 to every Zombie

Alright, what’s the problem?

At First It Shows Zombies Coming out of screen But when i add if health = 0 delete Enemy. Then dont a single one came

Is because you’re setting health=0 to all zombies, do this Create a group add the enemies to the group then when you create an enemy assign health = 10 use a foreach event to check the health of the enemies and it will work.
Foreach EnemiesGroup
if EnemiesGroup variable health <=0
EnemiesGroup Delete

This way when you create an enemy a health will be added and since you’re in a foreach loop this will check all occurrences of enemies in game and if there is some below 0 then delete.

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This is a condition, so it’s not here :

And these are non-zero values :


The only way I can see it being 0 is that @Diven already has placed some EnemySmall objects on the scene in the editor, and his default health value is 0 for these objects.

@Diven, in the object editor, set the default value of the health variable to 2. Then keep this event as is :

and make this a subevent of the one above :


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A few comments from things I’m seeing here:

  1. If you intend to use “For Each” for an object/object group, you should use 1 parent “For Each” event with subevents. Not multiple “For Each” events. This is both from a performance perspective, as well from an event logic perspective. ForEach loops are separated from each other, so if you’re intending something to happen in For Each A to also impact For Each B, it may not occur.
  2. Even if you’re immediately changing the Direction variable of EnemySmall to 0, you should still use “Trigger once” as a condition on your 4th and 5th event in your screenshot.
  3. Rather than using “Change the variable Health of EnemySmall” at the start of the scene, just set up an object variable with a default value of 2, in the object list. It’ll automatically apply to all instances.

None of the above may fix your issue, but they are all relatively important.

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