Object variables should be created manually and it's so annoying

Before the update all object variables created in events were visible in conditions and actions events. But now Gdevelop forces me to open every object’s variable list and create my variable there manually to make it comfortable for using like it was before the last update.

Imagine if i have a big project with 100 object variables. So do you suppose i should open 50 object’s variable lists to create these 100 variables? It worked great as it was before the update. Noone asked for this “feature”, guys. The best and flexible solution for this is to let people choose in Gdevelop settings if they want to use every of your new “features”.

(Before the update there were all variable visible here. And it was comfortable. I could create a variable once in events and use it quickly further)


I agree, I liked the way variables appeared in the autocomplete list after being used once. I also like the new method of being able to use a*b+C instead of Variable(a) *Variable(b) +Variable(c). It’s going to make complex formulas easier to write and understand.

There needs to be a easier way to add variables to the list. It would be nice if it was automatic or at least only required a few clicks.

You shouldn’t have to type variables twice. Although, if you add the variable first then you can add them to an event with the autocomplete. Those 2 steps need to be combined.

The people behind GDevelop listen and are pretty quick incorporating fixes and new features. I’m confident they’ll get it more streamlined. Give it time and be sure to continue to give feedback and make suggestions.

I haven’t embrassed the new variable system yet. I like to share my examples and IDK how many people have started to use the new system.

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