Object window, change Tags to Folders like tree system

hi, a little suggestion, we have more familiarity with a classic PC folders like tree structure, instead of tag systems.
maybe can be more clear to have main category, to fold and unfold, and your object list.
like a main root, then your main folders, and sub folders… and so on.

i’m already using Tag system, but i feel as i’m forgotting things 'cause they are untagged and left alone somewhere.

many thanks, GDevelop is really great.


Hello! There is an active discussion on this available here that you can follow along with: Scene Builder: Minimalist Mode and Nesting for Objects · Discussion #2350 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

At this time none of the developers/contributors have decided to pick up the enhancement 4ian is aligned with in that thread, but it may come in the future. It would use the tag system as a backend, but be akin to folders as you’d expect.

As this has been requested a few different ways before by other users, I’m going to go ahead and close out this thread.

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