Objects being deleted when I preview game?

I’m building out a map for my game world, but when i preview it, several instances of a specific object get deleted. it only seems to happen to the objets that are set to certain animations (i use one object with several different animations to have a variety of houses) but it isn’t consistent because others that are set to the same animation aren’t deleted

there is no code in my event sheet that calls for these objects to be deleted, i don’t know what’s happening

editor veiw (the red blocks are collision and are hidden when the game is running)


I fixed it, apparently the animations that were being deleted had different collision boxes than the others and them touching eachother was causing them to delete themselves for some reason, still unsure why this happened, but that’s what was happening

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Edit: glad it’s fixed. If there are still problems, please post a screenshot of the events in question. Good luck.

Are you sure they’re deleted and not behind the background or another object/instance? Are they showing in the debugger?

there is no event which calls for the houses to be deleted, so i have no idea what events to show to be even remotley helpful.

as for wether they’ve actually been deleted, idk i’m not sure how to check the debugger, but there is code thats supposed to run when a collision with them happens and that code wasn’t executing so i can only assume they were deleted

"To launch the debugger, in the toolbar of a scene editor, click on the arrow beside the preview button to bring up a drop-down menu. In that menu, choose “Preview with debugger and performance profiler”.


these are the options that show up for me.


but regardless, i should have been more specific, i know how to open the debugger, but i don’t see anywhere that would tell me wether or not an object was deleted

wait, nvm i figured out that you need to hit the refresh button to see the objects currently in scene

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Yeah, I wish there was real-time option.

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