objects cannot be created

at the beginning of my scene im trying to create soldiers at a certain position but when i play the preview it does not appear and i think i put the right events and actions

What are we supposed to do without your events ?

im sorry, i don’t get what you’re trying to say?

Put your events, we can not help you if you does not show us your events…

do you want me to screen shot it or send you he whole project

The whole project will be better. :wink:

apprently it was too large to upload i had to delete couple things but here it is. there might no work properly
My project 12.zip (1.95 MB)
if you look at right at the bottom you’ll find it


P.S. if you look at the last action you’ll see there is a syntax erro which i dunno how to correct

So, how can I test your project if you remove some files ? Please send your project using an external website (Mega, …)


mega.co.nz/#!nRk3AThb!XdPIjnymj … MalxvX6SYI