Objects fall through the platform

Please help me why the balls fall through the platform? And why the balls do not lie on top of each other, but are located only in one row? The balls are dragable. The balls appear when pressed on an empty spot and fall down onto the platform. But when the second ball falls, the first ball falls through the platform. Balls as a platformer object. The fence is like a platform.

It really looks like you should be using the Physics 2.0 behaviour instead of a platform one. I’m not sure how that will work with the draggable behaviour, but it will sort out your balls going placed they shouldn’t.

You can also define circular collision masks with the physics behaviour.Much better than square or multi sided.

If I use Physics 2.0 behaviour the balls are not dragable. How to leave dragable?

Check out this example on how to move-object-with-mouse-joint

MrMen thank you very much for your help! This works great.