Objects move with the camera if it isn't on the base layer?

When using Gdevelop I want a object to be present on another layer and stay there. But if the layer is not the base layer the object will move with the camera even if it isn’t on screen. I cannot seem to solve this problem. Also sorry for my bad

To be more specific I need that object to be on that layer because I want object to have a blur effect and the character and platforms will look normal.

You need a camera event for each layer, that moves.
Whatever camera event you use, add that event again and put the layer as reference that is supposed to move

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Ok so the thing is that I do not understand why the object moves on the other layer moves I want it to stay .

If you have no camera event on a layer, all objects on it will not move, unless you use events to move them (forces/movementbehaviors/position/physics)

Make sure you objects are on the right layers and check your events for camera events.

Hi, I see this was never resolved and I’m also facing this issue.

The last comment is suggesting that each layer needs a camera event so the objects on it don’t move, but I have some scenes with layers where the objects on it that don’t move, the objects remain where I placed them and I don’t have any camera events there.

But then in other scenes, the objects do get misplaces and move as the character moves.

Any thoughts on this?