Object's Name

Hello, I’ve seen in the “Debugger Window” that every object have their own name, maybe hexadecimal, with 8 digits. Even if two object are the same type have their own, unique name. Well, I would have if I can call that object from it’s name, because would be easier know the name of the object and use it instead of search a variable or a condition that only this object has or folow, when you know it’s name.

These digits are the addresses of the objects in the memory, and they are not used by GD, excepted for the debugger.
Internally, GD does not associate any ID or related concept to objects. Sure, objects are stored in a list, but it would be a very bad idea to use the index of the object is a such list as it could change ( In fact, objects are not even in a single list ).

Oh… OK, Thanks :slight_smile: