Objects not being added with drag and drop

Been trying my hand at this engine, I love the idea of it but I’m running into quite a few issues. I made a very basic platform to test player movement and such, imported a Tiled Sprite asset from the store and used that to create the platform via drag and drop from the Scene Objects list onto the scene itself and that worked fine.

Until I added an external layer to try and create a new level scene via a Tilemap imported from Tiled. I got the assets imported, but then when I try to drag and drop the Tilemap object…nothing happens. ADDITIONALLY, I now can’t even drag and drop the first tile sprite that I have been using this whole time. Just does not load at all or be added to the scene whatever. What happened and why does it seem my game is broken now cause I can’t add anything new to it. Not a text object, sprite, nothing.