Objects not colliding

In a previous post, I had asked about collision boxes and was told to make separate objects and connect them to the main object for the shape I wanted.
I did all that and for some reason, when I flip the vehicle, those attached objects go through the platforms.
It will also randomly jump, worse when flipped.
Checked over all the layers, masks, etc. multiple times and couldn’t find anything wrong. Even made copies of a few of those objects to see how they behave unattached and those ones collide just fine.

(Also, the loosely spinning hook I have attached is too “springy”. Can I have a rotating joint attached in a more permanent way?)

Update: Was able to limit it to just the one on top. Things will slowly slip into it, then jump out, but not the other two boxes.

Have you turned on debugging view hitboxes to see what’s going on?

I gave it a try, but everything looked normal. Doesn’t seem to include Physic’s boxes.

Physics boxes aren’t use in platformer objects.