Objects overlapping each other might slow down my game

So I’m here with another optimization problem. It has been torturing me for over two months!! Even though I tried advices from folks in the forum, and I also kind of restructured my game by using ‘external layouts’ to set the scenes and using ‘scenes’ to represent different levels with different enemy and decoration objects.

Recently I was building this church scene which is interior and does not require parallax background. Almost all decorations are on the same base layer as where the player is. So I came up with an hypothesis that the overlapping objects on the same layer are slowing down my game. Slowing-down was not seen frequently in my previous scenes which are exterior with not many decorative objects on the base layer however containing some parallax background layers since I restarted building the whole game.

By the way, I use one single object with multiple animations to display different pieces of decoration. Will this slow down my game? Cause therefore each object contains like sixty or more animations.

I know I have already asked these questions in the forum, but I still can’t find a good solution.

When you face performance issues, the first thing to do is to run the profiler. This will allow you to pinpoint exactly what is causing performance issues and work on that instead of having to guess around.