[ObjectStack Extension] How to shuffle?

I am trying for hours to create a basic desk of cards and to shuffle it.
I already created the desk creation part, and when I shuffle it it’s okay except that the cards still stay in the same order visually.

So how to make a poker desk that will be shuffled at the beginning of the scene?
PS: Yes, I saw the examples about that extension, but that doesn’t help at all.

In other words, when shuffle is done, I want to adjust z order properly so that the card that is on top is visible first, and all cards behind it in that order.

As shown os image, when I click on Q, the other K gets selected.

The extension has an expression to get the height of a card in the stack.
Do a for each Cards and rearrange their z-order according to that height, I guess.

Awesome! Thank you! That fixed the issue

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