Odd dragging automatism behavior? [solved]

For some reason, when trying to drag certain objects with the automatism enabled, everything just stops. Everything. The object won’t move to the mouse cursor, the player can’t move, it’s not time scale related, as even the profiler stops.

That is unless, I move the object around quickly, which will update it’s position and everything, but only so often, and for some reason, the automatism works perfect if I click and drag, without actually touching the sprite itself(Just it’s hit box I guess.)

Edit: I forgot to mention, only certain objects follow this behavior. Most work fine with the automatism, so I tried out some things, and for some reason, the dragging automatism works okay when adding the platformer automatism to it… But then the object, which is a hud element, collides with the terrain, and I can’t have that.

And I tested this in another project, and the automatism works just fine, so I can’t pinpoint what the problem might be.

Nvm. I had an event that kept turning the automatism on and off. x.x That’s what caused it.