Off Screen Events not Triggering

Hi everyone

ok i have started my start menu after sorting some basics out for the Level and come across a problem, i have noticed it in the game aswell and had to remove them for now, anyway:

1.) i have a button that when clicked it moves left 25px then it moves off the screen right and changes scene but what i have noticed is, that if i set the movement to change scene when the button is at x=800 it doesnt trigger it, but if i set it to x=799 it triggers.

2.) i know there are ways round this but i need events to be triggering off screen in my levels so all i want to know is can it be done if so please can someone help me with this.


The position can be unprecise sometimes (can get 799.9 instead of 800, etc). So, better test a range of values : between 798 and 802 for example.

omg thankyou i have sorted it now dunno why it was doing that ill just have to redo the enemy movement in the game different iv sent it to 801 and it works