Offline Game Troubles

I am trying to make a game that I can play on my flip phone. My phone is never connected to the internet so I was trying to make a game that would work offline. When first creating a new project I disabled the “allow players to authenticate in-game” because I figured you would have to be connected to the internet for that to work. Afterwards, in the code, I disabled analytic metrics, because I saw somewhere that that would help. However, after I converted it to an apk file (my phone is an android) and try open it (it installs just fine), it comes up with an error saying “The connection to the server was unsuccessful. (https://localholst/index.html)” and I was wondering if there was a way to fix this and allow the game to not have to connect a server to run.

It is not connecting to a server. localhost is, as the name suggest, the local machine (e.g. your flip phone in your case). The games made with GDevelop levereage the Web Platform, thus it tries to load the html file from your local device (not a remote server) and fails.

Could you share what phone you are using exactly, and how you created a build of your game for it?

I am using a Kyocera DuraXA Equip. The game I am trying to get working isn’t really a game yet, it is mainly a test to see what the dpad is (is it normal arrow keys or number key arrows) and what other buttons are read as. So it literally just has a dpad sprite that the corresponding arrows would light of if the corresponding arrow key was pressed. It also has a circle that shows up if the middle button is pressed, it has an audio file that just plays in the background to see how my phone would react to it, and a sprite that walks around when the arrow keys are pressed that I added to see how my phone would react to pixels moving. If that did not answer your question then I suppose I don’t know what you mean by the build of the game.

how did you convert your game into an apk, is what he’s trying to say(i think)

Looking at documentation for your phone, it doesn’t seem that there is a way to create apps for or side load apps onto this phone. How are you trying to get the game to run on it?

On GDevelop I clicked publish, then I clicked export to other platforms, then I clicked mobile, made sure apk was selected and then I clicked create package for Android, then I waited for the file to be made and then downloaded it. Then I moved the apk file from my computer to a SD card which I then put into my phone. I then found the file on the SD card, selected it, and hit install. In theory this should work because I have installed a unit converter doing just this, and it worked just fine. I have also done this with a snake game, and a sokoban game both of which work just fine.