Ohm's law calculator

Hello! I’ve been only using gdevelop for quite some time now, I have a project which in I need to build a fully working resistor calculator. any tips or suggestion on how would I start with my codes? Thanks!

Well you need to create variables P, R, V and I, and then process the values entered by the user, according to the math formulae:
There’s a text entry condition you can use to check which values have been entered, if necessary.

Can you show me specifically on how to do this, im kinda having a hard time making it work right.thanks in advance

Show us where you got stuck, what is the expected result VS the actual result, and we’ll try to guide you.
And make sure to check out the text entry example project for guidance.

My prof. changed the project to just a resistor color code calc now. And I’m back to square one.
I’m sorry if I’m asking too much but our prof didn’t even explain arrays and strings

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