[Old bug] When you close sprite editor/etc., GD loses focus

It is old bug but didn’t bothered to bring it up seeing it was probably known issue as it is just obnoxious. Unfortunately now I have too much free time on my hands and I’m quite boring, that’s why you are seeing this post.

It doesn’t affect sprite editor specifically, it affects every non-modal window spawned by GD.

It’s really annoying, when after finishing editing sprite or whatever, GD’s main window just dives in under whatever else windows you have in. So e.g. when you have browser and GD opened at the same time, which is my setup, browser will get on top after closing sprite editor/other windows as if GD itself was closed. Even though I can alt-tab to GD, it is really annoying and breaks the flow. You don’t want to mess with the flow, trust me.

Strange bug indeed, I’ll take a look.

Hmm… After some more testing, it seems that bug affects only windows spawned by extensions. Standard windows like variable window, options, help, etc. seems to be unaffected.

Hm… seems to be gone in 3.2.67

//edit: Nope, still there.

I’ve forced the main window to get back the focus when finishing editing an object, that should be ok now. :slight_smile:

Good. But you should do it after getting close message for any window related to GD, just as precaution in case the bug exists with some obscure window that is accessed rarely as well… or will with future extension.

I think the bug trigger only when the window is using panels, so I have only did it after closing such windows :slight_smile: