Omega Clash... only a small prototype here!

Here is my first try with Gdevelop, it is still a prototype!

Nice Retro game. Very good for your first project. :slight_smile:
Just noe little thing:
If you hold Control for auto fire and loose your last life a new game ist startet immediately. Maybe you could check “any key pressed AND not control pressed” in the game over screen.
Other than that very good work.

You’re right… I’ll correct this issue, it’s sooo annoying!

I’m creating a bunch new “baddies” to add, and I also want to make some enemies to shoot on the player!

Thank you for playing!

Game updated! Now, we have:

  1. Fancy sound effects!
  2. The enemies are shooting on the hero ship;
  3. Added an animation when the hero is hit;
  4. Updated the Game Over screen (now you need to press return to go back to game)

I will add new baddies soon, and I am starting to work on a Level system (bigger score, bigger difficulty).

Your game is fun, but seems to me that it can be better developed. Can you add more enemies?

The enemy sprites are overlapping several times during play and it is strange because oldschool systems like Atari and Intellivision cannot overlap sprites this way. If you really want to mimic this consoles on your game, you should implement some avoidance on the enemies (of course, based on their collision masks).

I like it! It runs very smooth, and it’s quite fun to play. I like the theme and bright classic look. Very well done! :smiley:

Thank you, Sternenstaub (Stardust?) and legion-_of-doom!

Now I need to improve on GDevelop!