Online game drop out

Hi GDevelopers,

I’m about to finish my online board game and I’m struggling with handling player drop out. Drop out either due to bad connection or because the player is about to loose anyway or annoyed with something.

I didn’t play a lot of online board games and don’t know how they handle it in general. Some of the games seem to simply stop the session if a player is disconnected and the player gets minus karma points or something. Some of them just throw the players from the session and it goes on.

My game will be with a maximum of 6 players per session and it’s about collecting coins. There is only one winner and it’s who collected the most coins.
I’ve implemented to throw the players and move on with the session. The last player remaining will win the session instantly. I could imagine that a lot of players will drop out at the end when they see that they have no chance. But if they go away, the coins already collected in the session and plays are not counted.

What is your experience with this topic in online board games and what do you think is acceptable?