Open a file that is already on the device

I am working on a horror game and I want to use a file (a scary text window .vbs or a disturbing desktop theme .themepack) that was installed with the game and is located, for example, in C:/USERS/*/Appdata, and I want, for example, at half the level to activate this file… Is it Is this possible or should I put this in a Feature Request ?
Thanks :smiley:

hi, that’s interesting!
I don’t think it will ever be done since that’s arbitrary code execution and could be dangerous.
You may want to instead make your game be played in fullscreen and graphically recreate the horror effects you want to happen.

Cat’s pretty accurate on the money.

GDevelop games run either in a browser (when exported as HTML5) or in Electron, which is actually a browser. Most PC operating systems will outright stop script file execution, including OS files or VBS.

You could, in theory, try the ‘Open URL’ action and point it at the local path, but you would have to know the location of the file you want to execute.

Separately, all files/assets in your GDevelop project are compiled into a single storage file (an .asar file) when you build your game, so it’s not like you could include a prebuilt themepack or vbs file in your project.