[Open Playtest] Flip: Life Portrayed by a Bottle

Hello Community!

First and foremost, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

With the World in pandemic, some of us are in quarantine. Due to the limitations we have, we tend to think that we can’t do something than watching the news and staying alert (which is good by the way). But with these limitations we have are also an opportunity to learn more things that we do not know yet. Rather than always watching the news, why not take a break? Read books, learn how to cook, and other stuffs that you wanted to know. With our technology in communications nowadays, it is impossible to get behind on the news, right? In a nutshell, lets reduce our focus on the downside and increase on the upside.

Pheeww, alright, lets jump into the game details, :smile:

On April 08, this year, I’ve created a simple game for mobile, the name is
Flip: Life Portrayed by a Bottle. The game is a metaphor of Life. Ascending and descending, rise, fall, and rise again. A canvas for us to get lost in our thoughts. The game’s core mechanics is to avoid falling on the ground by doing flips on midair, that have no ends.

The images above are the prototype.

The game is ready for playtesting and it’s my honor to let the community to try and test it out. I believe that getting feedbacks from players is crucial in game development. So forth, this is it for now. Whenever theres an update, I will post it here :slight_smile:

Play the Game!
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Supported Versions of Android:

  • Android 5.0 and above

Thanks for reading and Have a great day! :smiley:

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