Open URL on android

Im not sure if I’ll put this on bugs report or I’m just missing something.

I have this button to open a url to donate to a foundation.
It’s working on my desktop (preview mode and html5 uploaded on but it doesn’t work on mobile devices ( and apk version).
Is there something I’m doing wrong or mobile devices are not supported for the ‘open URL (or file)’ action?

On itch its supposed to create a new tab in your browser.
On mobile, try opening your default browser.
The last time I created a mobile game I used a URL and it kept on opening it in the browser (the browser was closed) not sure how​:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

Even on itch it’s not working with mobile.
Here you can test this: Lupus Walk: Zoo Adventures by xJM27x
The button is on the end of level.

Anyone knows how to solve this? I can’t figure it out.