Open URL or FILE not working on Ubuntu

Anyone knows why when i try to open a file using “Open URL or File” extension, nothing happens?
There is an example. These folders exist, file exists.

Maybe try a simpler path to confirm that the action works for you and confirm how the path writing system works.
Maybe you meant to write “Attachments”?

Thank you for your answer.
I don’t know where that “e” came from :smile:

Nothing seems to work!

Try displaying the path in a text object in preview. That might help you figuring out what’s wrong with it.

The path looks right. I also tested the extension in Windows, and it works perfectly. Can it be from Ubuntu? Because i can (for example) create a directory, save a text to a file, but i can’t just open them!

Open an URL or a file start the executable file or open the URL in a browser.
You cannot open an archive file here a “tar.gz” file.

In Windows works. But thank you for your answers!