Open World Procedural Gen

hi there. im working on an infinite open world monster fighter. for this, I would need to use procedural generation. I was looking at a game called Zoe and the Cursed Dreamer, and I want to have procedural get similar to that of that game. ik that the game was 100% hand made, but I would still like to have a similar effect. I want there to be small valleys, separated by little paths. if you are in valley a, and move through a path to valley b, I want valley a to be deleted and have it continue like that forever. I have no prior experience with procedural generation in Gdevelop so if you can help me get this working I would be very thankful. thanks!

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well for world gen you could use Perlin noise i think(but I’m unsure on how to do use that)

ok ill look into it thx

ya I have done some research and I’ve found no way to incorporate this into my use. is there any other way?

uh well i believe there is an example of Perlin noise in gdevelop(but you could also use the dungeon gen extension thing to)

ill check out the dungeon thing. I’ve tried it before with mixed success but didn’t think of using it in this context.