Opinions / suggestions for better git compatibility

I am currently in the throws of untangling a giant git merge conflict in the game.json file that underpins the game I’m working on with someone else. I’m wondering if anyone has some suggestions for working with git (or other source control) that reduce the collisions that occur when—for instance—two people try to add similar-ish components to the game. I think part of the problem stems from the fact that everything is stored in a giant game.json file, instead of smaller files that get compiled. Wondering if there’s a way to deal with this that I don’t already see.

If not, I would love to make a recommendation (i.e. feature request?) that there be a method to work with smaller files during development, which maybe get JIT compiled into a game.json just before running.

Ensure you have “multiple files mode” enabled in your project properties before using Git. That way all scenes and external events are stored in their own separate jsons.

The above helped avoid conflicts the last time I did a collaboration project with another dev.

Outside of that, make sure folks aren’t working in the same scene, else you are likely to have conflicts.

I feel you deeply

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