Origin point getting mixed up with custom point

I have a custom point on my player character called “Fire”. This point is only present during one animation “block” If a Magic_fireball contacts that point it is deleted and plays a sound.

This works fine. However, If the players Origin Point is inside Magic_fireball it also triggers this action.

I have confirmed that the Point “Fire” does not even exist in the animation that is playing at the time. It is definitely the Origin point in the top left in the air above the player.

Is there any function/condition/action that I may have used elsewhere that might cause this effect? Is there any way to hide the Origin point?

I know this isn’t much to go on. But I don’t even know what else would be helpful to include.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

I totally do not understand what can be the problem yet i understand what you wrote

IDK if it will help you in any possible way but there is condition to check current animation frame of object
So you can check if it is equal or not to number

The engine doesn’t know if a point exists or not. If you pass an invalid point from an object, it just gets treated as the object’s position (not necessarily origin, but usually origin).

You would need to ensure you’re actually on the animation that has the point, otherwise it won’t be any different than if you were checking against the upper left most point of the object.

Oh! Really interesting to know. This explains some other oddities.

Thank you!

So, the fix for me was to add a check to ensure the animation was playing.

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