Overlapping objects

Hello everyone. I have some problems with the well-known problem of overlays of objects belonging to the same group. I saw several possible solutions but they are not very useful to me since I have more than 250 enemy objects. I would have the courage to create a group for each enemy to separate it from the rest of the enemies, but that would take a long time … so… is creating so many groups going to cause considerable deficiencies in game performance? And my other question… is there a way to copy and paste groups to make it faster?

Groups are a pain to maintain, it’s a very manual process.
You could attempt to modify the JSON code directly to copy a group, but make sure you make a backup and know what you are doing.

I would suggest you consider adding a new instance variable to your enemy objects called “type” and populate it accordingly. Then you can filter your enemy selections without creating and maintaining more groups.
Player in Collision with Enemy
Enemy variable type is “sniper”

Sorry, I was busy and couldn’t be spending time on this. Thank you very much for the reply. In my case the problem is the overlap between the enemies. Can you detect object variables and separate objects belonging to the same group with others according to an object variable? The should be to separate an object from x group (which is included in the group that I seek to separate).

I really wouldn’t know what I’d be doing hahaha