Overwriting a game that I no longer have access to

A few days ago, I made a topic about how I lost a game forever due to me saving it in a GDevelop folder when the game engine was updated. I made the same game again in a couple of days and saved it somewhere else so that I can’t lose it again. I want to save the new game’s details by having it be the same URL of the old game, but I get this error if I do so:

This is the old game I was talking about:

I am, however, able to save the game details using different URLs like “kittybiscuits,” “kitty-biscuit,” “kitty-biscuitss,” etc… Should I publish the new game with one of the URLs I’ve mentioned above (or something completely random) and not worry about the old game anymore?

Edit: I wanted to follow the topic with additional details since I wrote the thread way past midnight. So what happened is that I published the game under another random URL (busy-cup). When I realized this mistake, I unpublished it and went to Manage Game to try to change the URL to “kitty-biscuits.” GDevelop won’t let me do it, but will allow me to change it to something like “kittybiscuits,” “kitty-biscuit,” etc…

Welp. Turns out I can’t find a way to modify the old version of my game in any way. So I had no choice but to publish the new one under a new but similar URL. This version of the game has a wider screen than its predecessor. If you guys want to check it out, here it is: