P2P Server on Heroku

So I made Game for 4 players and If all want to play we have big lags.(60 seconds to 300 or no future data). Broker server is hosted on Heroku. With 2 players game works fine. With 3 players game on start have 0 lags and after one min lags increse by 5 seconds every minute (I use data lost). So first I try to host game on my pc (No on heroku). I did it but game still lags no changes. Next I make two apps. One is a game server and second is a game. And nothing changed. So I think now p2p is not good to make games to more than 2 players or I just don’t know why this no work fine. Any suggestions? I will be grateful if someone help.

(edit) 04.03.2021
If we add like 15 Varibles the game start laging for 2 players so I think P2P is no ready for games in real time.

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