P2P Variable-sending problem

I’m using two game instances for trying out and looking for any problems.
After I connect them these events don’t work properly. After the timer’s 15 seconds the BSPRandom variable sets a random number independently for themselves. So one game instance sets the variable to 75 and other to 134. But when I click “r” they get the same number and every time I click it after that they show the same number. I do not understand this. Someone please point out what I’m doing wrong.

If you want to receive a variable you need to send a variable, not text.

Ah okay, it works now perfectly, but the problem still persists in this one:

This is what the solved one looks like now:

In the first image, the events sometimes work and both game instances get the same number, but mostly the BSPRandom is different for each one.
Would you maybe know why that is?

Just because you placed the second “at the beginning” block below the event received one doesn’t mean it will be executed later.
Receiving data may take time and may not happen at the beginning of the scene.

On a side note, these two events seem to serve the same purpose :thinking:

But I never used P2P, so don’t trust anything I say. :sweat_smile: