Paiement non authorized


I am writing this message in here because i dindt find any mail to contact support or a number.

My problem is I am paying 2 dollars usd every month to gdevelop indie and it’s not even my account, I would like to stop this payments please.

Please contact me back on my personal email support.

Sorry but I can’t find any other solution then to write in here to have answers.

Thank you again.

This is a forum, we don’t have access to your e-mail.
Send a private message to @4ian, he’s the only one that can fix you. Explain the situation and give him some details about your account/subscription (dates, names, etc), so he can find it and cancel it. You can write him in French. :slight_smile:



thank you for ur reply, but i can’t send messages, i can’t find it anyway

Stop making new accounts, please.
You have already created an account four hours ago, use that one.
Click on the name, click on the Message button, and explain your issue.

sir i am not creating any accounts, and i can’t find that message botton sir

Click on the name and you’ll see the Message blue button.
And you have two forum accounts: @redaw and @Redaw1

New users can’t see the button or message.

You can contact 4ian at