Panning Camera Down Cutscene

Hi there! I’ve been REALLY struggling with something.

I’m starting work on my first cutscene in my game (I’ve made plenty of levels for later, but now I want to make a ‘playable demo’ of sorts)

After you pass the menu screen, what I really want, is a slow pan down- as if someone is panning down from the menu into the game.

Then, once the cutscene concludes, the camera follows the player smoothly as you’re able to play again.

I’ve created what is definitely some nightmare code, trying to make this work, until I threw my hands up and decided to pop in and see how someone could help.

Originally I had the idea that you follow an object (Camera 1) down from above the scene, and then perhaps camera 1 would collide into the player and the player would become the object you follow. I think that works- except stopping all movement on Camera 1 is very visually jarring. I wanted it to slow to a stop, cutscene plays, then now you can play the player willy nilly.

So, does anyone have any advice on the real way to handle this? Thank you!!

Crazy code below:

“…except stopping all movement on Camera 1 is very visually jarring. I wanted it to slow to a stop…

Look at using the tween behaviour on your camera1 object to move it smoothly from one place to another. Keep the camera focused on this object all the time. Use a sequence of tweens, one firing when the next one has finished, to move your camera1 object along the path you want.

When you add the tween behaviour to the object, you get a link to a tutorial video on how to use and work with it (a Wishforge Games tutorial, which is really good, like all his tutorials).

If you do use tweens and need help working out what easing to use, then I’d recommend this easing function cheat sheet.

Thank you so much!!! Tweening makes perfect sense- I haven’t actually used any tweens in my game yet, so I realize what a huge difference this will make to my visuals later on. Thank you!