Parallax Background effect

I have a racing game similar to hill climb. I wanted to make a parallax background. I made the parallax but its not looping. I asked in here and everyone is answering the same (Scroll the background backwards) BUT I want the parallax to move according to my player (Car) not always…

I am moving the car not the platforms…

Hi, in this example the background moves in relation to the player GDevelop 5

If you want a loop you have to add the background elements that should repeat at the end of the previous element. You can see how to do that here GDevelop 5 (here it is moving on its own but the actual implementation would be the same for a background that moves in relationto the player).

thanks. May be I am dumb but I couldn’t combine these 2 logic

Okay, what exactly did not work? Do you have some events to show?

Parallax is working fine but its not looping

Alright, did you try to set your background as in the infinite background example? You need your background image(s) two times in the scene (one is directly next to the other).

Then you just add for each background layer that you move as parallax in relation to your player this event block:

what it does is explained in the event comment.

well I couldn’t make it loop… so I made the parallax effect and the made my background layers as tiled sprites and then looped them myself…this works

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