Parking Jam and ideas

I made a game called Parking Jam
I was wanting some ideas for St. Patrick’s day and April Fools Day. Does anyone have any ideas for these days?

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I am just thinking about adding St. Patrick’s Day overlay and stuff unless I can add a Lucky Charms ad lol

As you said, maybe some slight graphical changes. Maybe some traditional Irish music or vehicles. IDK if Ireland or Northern Ireland have any favorite vehicles or paint schemes or what their police or other official vehicles might look like.

Great idea! I am still trying to get new cars in the game and it is very difficult. When adding a new car in the animations, it makes it smaller. I need to see what I did to get the other cars in. But I could edit the police car but I have to remember what the police car looks like originally.

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@Keith_1357 Can you find me a transparent St. Patrick’s Day clovers overlay that is 1080x1920. I won’t be able to edit the police car since the way it’s made and how editing it is in piskel is.

Try searching for Shamrocks. I always look at the free to use sites first. Pixabay has some nivce Shamrocks.

500+ Free Shamrocks & Clover Images - Pixabay