Particle Emitter Enhancement

I propose in the case of life cycle of the particle emitter instead of having a life cycle with two stages (Start and End) we could have a life cycle with several stages according to our needs

Peek 07-07-2022 14-423

I showed an example but it can also apply to color, opacity, and size.
Of course you don’t have to do the same thing, you can also use the collision mask of the sprite object as a template to create a new stage in the life cycle of the particle, as shown in the graphic below.Peek 07-07-2022 14-51


Particles are rendered with a PIXI plugin.
The documentation gives an example of configuration. The properties can be set the same way as your mockup.

Note that the documentation example uses the V3 configuration but GDevelop currently uses the V2 configuration:

The last update of the plugin in GDevelop was done in Jul 19, 2020:

There is no mention of the version of the update but I believe it can be used with the V3 configuration (we still use the V2 because they kept it compatible)

The feature would require to:

It can be done but it’s not a small task.

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